Anthony Ferneyhough
Law Marketing Services

2 Tean Hall Mills
ST10 4FF

Tel: 07914 654 207


Producing a Website:

I have produced websites for law firms of all types, ranging in size from two to around ten partners.

A substantial proportion of my customers are based in London; the remainder tend to be to the north and east in an arc from Watford to Nottingham - anywhere no more than two hours travelling time from Peterborough (you do not pay for my travelling time!).

Producing a website is divided in to three stages:

Stage 1: we will prepare three design ideas. Generally, these will be three different ideas but, occasionally, it will be three variations on a previously agreed theme. We will produce three 'home' pages and three corresponding 'inside' pages - so you will have a clear idea how the website will appear.

We will produce the complete first draft.

Stage 2: once the style and text have been agreed, we will produce all the pages. If photographs or illustrations are involved, we will supply them either from our own sources or a photographic library. We can arrange to have photographs taken by an experienced photographer.

Stage 3: hosting. We have our own hosting service but are also happy to upload your site to your nominated host.

Each of these three stages (and the cost of copyright or origination fees, if applicable) is costed separately. You will be invoiced at the end of each stage. However, there is a discount for payment on account.

Click here to see some websites we have produced. Please have a look at them. None might be right for your firm, but they were right for the firms in question. Each website is produced individually for each firm.


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