Anthony Ferneyhough
Law Marketing Services

2 Tean Hall Mills
ST10 4FF

Tel: 07914 654 207


Why choose me?

The answer is based solidly on the fact that over 200 law firms have instructed me - see the My Customers page. I have also worked for a law firm and I have experienced the kinds of problems that can arise. Consequently, I go out of my way to make sure they do not arise for my customers now.

These are the key factors in my service which customers have told me they appreciate:

  • I produce the first draft for the brochure or website. Many solicitors have told me that making a start with a blank sheet of paper in front of them is a real sticking point.
  • I produce designs which are suitable for a professional legal firm (but, as members of my team have other customers, our work is not parochial). Designers with little or no legal experience can produce totally inappropriate proposals
  • usually, I will produce three different design ideas. Customers often choose, for example, the typeface from one design, the illustrative style of another and the page layout of the third
  • my cost estimate is for the complete project, excluding only any copyright or illustration costs (and VAT). But I will tell you these charges before they are incurred
  • you will have only one person to deal with. I will manage the complete project, from start to finish
  • my support team is used to dealing with solicitors and other professionals but has a wide range of other business customers

I make no claim that my charges will be the lowest. However, I do believe that you will spend less time dealing with me than you would with someone who does not have my level of experience of the legal market. The result is that the real cost to you, that is my charges plus your 'lost' time, will be lower.


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